Cruelty In Animal Testing – Pain Should Never Be The Price Of Beauty


by Sharon

May 5, 2017

Cruelty In Animal Testing – Pain Should Never Be The Price Of Beauty

To put it bluntly, animal testing or any scientific experiment or test whereby a live animal is forced to undergo anything that is likely to cause them physical or mental pain, suffering, distress of any kind or lasting harm in the cause of beauty is a disgrace.

I love animals, don you?  

Unfortunately millions of mice, rats, rabbits, cats, and dogs, are locked inside cages in laboratories all over the world. They are in pain, stressed and alone...and if you are anything like me you will find that quite upsetting.

These animals live in a clinical environment completely void of enrichment. The stress of their living situation cause some animals to display behaviours such as spinning in circles, pulling out their own fur, or biting themselves.  They live in constant fear of experiencing further pain.

The Animal Cruelty Free Con Trick

​Since 2013 products that have involved animal testing in their development are not allowed in Europe.

However, there is some ambiguity here as many companies on the animal testing watch lists market products here, which is not only confusing, but alarming if like me you want to shop ethically.  

It seems that although a company may not test on animals themselves, they pay for Chinese laboratories to carry out animal testing which is required by law in China before access to the huge Chinese cosmetics market is allowed.  Many of these manufacturers are extremely careful how they word their P.R. on animal testing wrapped up in the phrase "where required by law".  

It's a huge con.

More than 100 million animals suffer and die every year in cruel chemical testing.  Tests like forcing mice and rats to inhale toxic fumes, force-feeding dogs pesticides, and chemicals used in shampoo dropped into rabbits’ eyes.

Now why would any company put anything in a shampoo that would have to be tested to make sure it doesn't damage the eye?  It just doesn't make sense.

​There are many non-animal test methods that can be used now. Not only do these non-animal tests negate the need for suffering, they also have the potential to be cheaper, faster,and more relevant to humans.  

Even if a product harms animals, it can still be marketed to consumers, and strangely just because a product is shown to be safe in animals does not guarantee that it will be safe to use in humans.

is your favourite Product on The watch list? 

​Millions of animals suffer needlessly and animal testing makes no commercial or logical sense. But, it is a legal requirement still in the development of cosmetics in some parts of the world.

Would it come as a big surprise to you if your favourite companies are on that list?  Some even declare they don't use animal testing and some have zero plans to make any changes.

Check the latest list from Companies That Still Test on Animals

As you can see the list is huge, but it doesn't stop there. Some of these companies and others (not listed) sell make-up, baby care and disposable nappies, hair products involving animal testing such as personal care, fragrances, oral care, deodorant, feminine hygiene, household products, pet foods, cleaning products, laundry products and much more. 

Shopping Cruelty Free

There are a number of quality brands that are against animal testing. My only suggestion to you is to check the company out before buying and do not buy unless they boldly publish their ethical stances, but please be aware that even companies that state they are cruelty free are not always certified as such. 

One company I am sure that I can shop ethically with is Modere...

​For me this is yet another big reason why I love Modere; I'm delighted to say this is a list that they DO NOT appear on. Quite frankly if they did, I would not be using their products or singing their praises to you, no matter how amazing they were.  Wrong is wrong and animal testing is just plain wrong.  

Modere have taken a stance against animal testing and potentially harmful ingredients: no Ethoxylates, no PEGS, SLS, Phthalates, and no Parabens. Add about 750 more for a total of about 3000 other nasty ingredients they avoid and you’ll understand their fanaticism. Their formulas are pure, reliable, high-performing and their products are guaranteed to work, and "No animals were harmed in the making of these amazing products"

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