How To Heal Yourself Naturally With Good Food From The Inside Out


by Sharon

May 29, 2017

How To Heal Yourself Naturally With Food From The Inside Out

Medicine is amazing. When it comes to ground breaking surgery the skill of many surgeons is nothing short of miraculous. However, when it comes to the everyday problems that we all face, doctors sometimes struggle to give us healing or even relief from the common conditions that everyone experiences in their family like eczema, asthma, arthritis, back pain, muscular problems or even depression and anxiety.

Many medications just mask the symptoms, like spraying perfume on a corpse, and sometimes cause another problem that requires a further drug to deal with it, and so the cycle of prescription drug dependency continues.

What we all want to do is get to the problem at the root cause and deal with it there.

Now I'm not saying don't take medication, but what I am suggesting is that we have to eat, so we may as well eat stuff that can heal us rather than harm us.

Make sense? 

The father of medicine Hippocrates said, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. but during several years of training, a General Practitioner will spend just a few hours on nutrition, and more importantly on how foods can heal. 

How To Heal Yourself

Healing Yourself Is In Your Hands

The amazing thing is that the ability to heal yourself is in your hands. I know, I’ve witnessed some amazing healing in myself, my family and my friends and from all sorts of conditions by using the regime I’m sharing with you. It’s just too good not to share.

There are two major lifestyle changes we need to make to overcome whatever health problems we are facing.

  • Take control of what we are exposed to in our diet and our home environment that impact negatively on our health.
  • Adapt diet and behaviours that impact positively on our health, protect us against disease and even heal us.    

Know The Friends And Enemies To Your Family's Health

We are going to look at our health enemies; pollution in air and water, environmental toxins in the home and our personal care, chemicals in processed foods, dairy, sugar and wheat, mineral deficiency in fruit and vegetable crops, and also our health friends; all the good stuff that benefits us, aids healing and protects us from the largely chemical home environments we all live in. 

The exciting news is we can control 70% of the negative impact of this list with some simple changes to our lifestyle, and this is where the battle for your healing is going to be fought.

We can’t control the levels of pollution in water or air, but we can control the amount of anti oxidants in our diet that fight the effects of pollution on our body such as aging and cell damage that may trigger cancer. Especially as our ability to fight free radicals that cause this damage reduces as we get older. 

Eating The Rainbow

The rainbow foods, the reds, yellows and dark greens are essential and rich in antioxidants including foods such as carrots, sweet potatoes, pomegranates, kale, broccoli, Goji Berries, Blueberries, peppers, citrus fruits, dark chocolate, figs, mulberries, pecans, artichoke, kidney beans and cilantro.

We should include these in our diet wherever possible.

Try including a sliced avocado with your poached egg for breakfast. They are delicious together and extremely beneficial.

To top up your short fall of these life giving foods, using a high quality antioxidant supplement such as Modere Cell Protect containing grape seed and pine bark extract is essential. This supplement gives a real boost to depleted bodies and fantastic protection against the effects of pollution - free radical cell damage. 

Create A Healthier Home Environment

Home cleaning products are laden with harsh chemicals, so reducing them is vital in the battle for health.

I know we can’t eliminate all cleaning products but we can certainly reduce them. Using a steam mop is brilliant as it eliminates many chemicals we really don’t want in our homes.

Sometimes it’s the most innocent products that are the worst for us.

Air fresheners are laden with phthalates that make the scent linger. These are really not good, and definitely not around young children as they have been linked to liver and kidney problems. Using essential oils to freshen the home takes away that risk.  They not only smell amazingly good, but impact positively on our health.

I recall a few years ago a friend having to take their dog to the Vet as it had lost a huge amount of fur and very badly irritated skin. What was the cause?  Carpet freshening powder. It went in the bin, the and dog recovered its fur.  And people wonder why there's an epidemic of asthma and eczema in our kids. 

Unnecessary and harmful chemicals in laundry powder is another area for examination. The great news is we have companies with a conscience like Modere who manufacture a range of products that are free of these questionable health robbing ingredients.

​Personal Care And Immune System Damage

Whether you believe it or not, cosmetic and personal care products are loaded with chemicals and toxins that put a load on our bodies and damage the immune system, so they not only lower our guard against disease, but also create health problems of their own.

Everyone I know who has used Mineral Solutions supplement and stopped using mainstream personal care products in favour of Modere has experienced a reduction in eczema and psoriasis, increased energy levels and an improved sense of well-being as a result.

Check out this related article: Modere Body Butter – It’s Amazingly Good But I Have A Serious Complaint!

Chemicals are so prevalent in personal care that children are now born carrying parabens and other toxins in their systems.

My article on the dirty dozen ingredients to avoid in personal care gives you an idea of what to look for but in short, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate , PEG’s, Parabens and Phthalates are a good starting point.

These chemicals are not good for human beings, particularly bad for children and lower our ability to resist and fight health problems.

Chemicals In Our Diet

We underestimate our chemical consumption in food today. It is estimated that we consume around 9lbs of chemicals a year in our diet due to our dependence on convenience foods.

Commercially grown fruit and vegetables carry some chemical pesticides so need to be thoroughly washed, which is why organic is always best, but processed foods are the biggest culprit.  

Avoiding ready meals, tinned vegetables, processed and convenience foods by making your own wherever possible is critical to good health and healing.

They are loaded with hidden sugar, salt, glutamate's and preservative chemicals which really don't benefit us at all.  

I know the temptation when we’re busy is to take a short cut, but preparing your own sauces and meals isn’t that difficult and takes no more time in many cases. As an example, check out my delicious recipes on this site.

Mineral Deficiency In Fruit And Vegetables

Minerals are the most vital part of our diet. They protect us against cancer, heart disease, dementia, and many every day ailments such as eczema asthma and allergies, and nothing works without them. 

Unless you grow your own vegetables and fruit, the last 60 years has seen the mineral content of our crops plummet due to modern farming and pesticides, and organic produce does not escape this sad fact.

It’s interesting that over the same period of time, the incidence of cancer heart disease diabetes, dementia and also the everyday ailments such as asthma and eczema, all types of allergies and even diabetes in children have rocketed .

Minerals make things happen, but vitamins will not work in the absence of minerals so a mineral rich diet is one of the first steps on the journey to self healing.

Not all minerals are easily absorbed so we have to use what the body can use, and they don't come more human friendly than Modere Mineral Solutions.

Just check out the benefits people are getting from this amazing bottle of goodness in my article Modere Mineral Solutions – Is this the Best Kept Health Secret on the Internet?

Wheat Bread, Sugar And Cow's Milk

This isn't just about gluten or wheat intolerance.  Once upon a time bread was nutritious and beneficial, but now commercially processed bread has become more or less toxic to the body.

It’s no coincidence that chronic diseases went off the charts with the introduction of processed wheat flour.

As a family we eat bread very rarely.  Brown, white, seeded or otherwise, it’s a good move to reduce or even eliminate bread from your diet if you can. It’s really not good for us anymore.

Refined sugar is toxic and of no positive benefit to your body at all.  Apart from obesity and the impact on dental health, refined sugar and glutamates (food additive) are the two main fuels for the birth and growth of cancer cells, the main culprit in heart disease and used heavily in the production of tinned and processed foods, so eliminating sugar and processed foods from your diet is a big step in your fight to be well.

Drinking cow's milk is insanity.  Apart from an allowable level of puss cells, blood, faeces, antibiotics and growth hormone, cow’s milk contains high levels of the estrogen compound estrone sulfate, which is linked to testicular and breast cancer. Contrary to popular belief, cow’s milk actually weakens bone and is a burden on our bodies. 

I would recommend oat milk as a replacement. It’s the best alternative I’ve found, and unlike some it’s great in tea and coffee.

The Truth About Soy Foods

Soy sounds like a really healthy alternative to milk and meat, but soy foods have a lot of isoflavones; an estrogen-like compound found in plants. Soy raises the concern that estrogen can trigger breast cancers. The risk is that soy will switch on genes that trigger the birth of cancer cells.The great news is we have foods that switch these genes off too. 

Are You Drinking Enough Water? 

Not drinking enough water can cause tiredness and lack of energy, constipation, indigestion and headaches and actually causes weight gain because sometimes the body will give us a feeling of being hungry rather than a dry mouth.

Next time you feel hungry have a glass of water. If the hunger subsides your body needed water not food.  Good hydration also washes toxins through our bodies, so dark urine pretty much says you need to up your water intake.

Turmeric - The Golden Child Of Prevention

Medicine is amazing. When it comes to ground breaking surgery the skill of many surgeons is nothing short of miraculous, but when it comes to the everyday problems that we all face, doctors sometimes struggle to give us healing or even relief from the common conditions that everyone experiences in their family like eczema, asthma, [Read More] Turmeric Powder A Humble Little Spice That Packs A Big Punch

​Frankincense Oil

Frankincense essential oil has been used for thousands of years to ease disease-causing inflammation, strengthen the immune system, and prevent dangerous infections.Many people remain unaware of the added cancer-fighting potential of this precious oil, which researchers from the University of Leicester in the UK (among others), have confirmed through rigorous scientific testing.How Safe is Frankincense [Read More] Frankincense Essential Oil – The Little Bottle of Miracles

​Apricot Kernels

How did we come across apricot seed kernels? Dr Ernest Krebs a biochemist fascinated by the lifestyle of the ancient Hunzas, a remote people of Northern Pakistan discovered that they enjoyed near-perfect health, and lived long lives without obesity, heart disease, or cancer. What was their secret?It was believed their large amounts of apricot kernels…plus [Read More] Apricot Seed Kernels for Cancer Cells- The Flawed Logic Truth or Fiction?

Healthy Gut, Probiotics And Fermented Foods​

Our gut flora constitutes around 70% of our immune system, and is vital in protecting us against nasties like harmful bacteria, microbes, and other pathogens in our digestive system.

The gut also regulates the inflammatory immune response the balance of which is vital if we want an immune system that tackles the bad stuff appropriately without over reacting and causing us problems such as eczema and arthritis.

Studies have found that changes in diet that benefit gut flora can have an almost immediate positive effect. 

Modere protozymes is a highly effective probiotic supplement that has had an amazing impact on our families well-being.

Although many official health websites state that there is no evidence to suggest that probiotics help with conditions triggered by over reaction of the immune system such as eczema, or arthritis, our research led us to the following study on breast feeding mum's featured by the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

Maternal Probiotic Supplementation During Pregnancy 

Probiotics have shown promising potential in reducing the risk of eczema in infants.  We investigated whether maternal probiotic supplementation during pregnancy and breast feeding reduces the risk of developing eczema in high risk infants.

This was a parallel, double-blind placebo-controlled trial of 241 mother-infant pairs. Mothers with allergic disease and atopic sensitization were randomly assigned to receive a broad spread of probiotic bacteria beginning 2 months before delivery and during the first 2 months of breast-feeding. The infants were followed until the age of 24 months. Skin prick tests were performed at the ages of 6, 12, and 24 months.

Altogether 205 infants completed the follow-up and were included in the analyses. The risk of developing eczema during the first 24 months of life was significantly reduced in infants of mothers receiving probiotic materials.  Probiotics had no effect on the risk of atopic sensitization in the infants. No adverse effects were related to the use of probiotics.

The conclusion to this is a prevention regimen with specific probiotics administered to the pregnant and breast-feeding mother, that is, prenatally and postnatally, is safe and effective in reducing the risk of eczema in infants with allergic mothers positive for skin prick test.

So probiotics can help with eczema... now there's a thing. 

Fermented Foods

Today most vegetables are preserved by canning or freezing; but before Jesus the Greeks wrote about the health benefits of fermented vegetables, the Romans used sauerkraut to treat and prevent intestinal infections, and Captain Cook used sauerkraut and lime juice to prevent scurvy on his three-year journey around the world.

Fermented vegetables are packed with vitamins, and are an amazing help in the growth of friendly bacteria. 

They help produce stomach acid, are a potent digestive aid, and produce compounds that kill harmful bacteria and microbes.

You can easily ferment vegetables at home with a little salt water and patience or buy sauerkraut at the local supermarket, but home made is always best, and it is amazingly good for the gut. 

The gut is the most commonly overlooked ally we have in the maintenance of good health, regulation of immune response and protection against serious disease, and yet it's the easiest to maintain and the fastest to respond to positive changes in our diet.  

So there y​ou have it.  A sample of the bad stuff that hurts us and the good stuff that heals us.

My Most Sincere Hope​

I never advocate anything I haven't tried, tested and used myself.

All I can say is that all of the above have worked for me, my family and friends, and I believe it will work for you too if you're open minded enough to introduce these amazing foods into your diet and replace the nasties in your home with products that bless your body rather than hurt it.

 If you're disciplined enough to stick with the changes, you will experience the same dramatic changes in body, mind and quality of life that we have as a family.  

It's been amazing and revelational.

If one person benefits from these words, then this article will have achieved its purpose in helping people heal and live a healthier more abundant life.  If you do, please tell us all about it, but more importantly, pass the baton on and help someone else heal themselves too.  There is no greater satisfaction than watching people heal and thrive.  

My most sincere hope for you is that your family experiences the same amazing healing that my family has seen because your health is in your hands!

About the author 


My name is Sharon and this site is about taking the toxic load off our bodies with products free of nasties and using amazing nutrition that really works. The benefits have been so amazing, I just have to share the 'Live Clean' message so that you and your loved ones can benefit too!

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  1. I’ve heard about detox cleanses from my sister. She was diagnosed with candida last year and her integrative health provider suggested that a detox would help greatly to reduce her symptoms and discomfort. I’m not overweight and exercise regularly but lately I’ve been feeling mentally sluggish. I’d just chalked it up to the “winter blues” but now I’m wondering if it’s more than just that. How long does the cleanse last and can you do a cleanse without losing weight if that’s not a goal?


    1. Hi Lynn, cleansing the body without losing weight can be challenging. My suggestion would be to add a variety of good oils to your diet such as extra virgin coconut oil, first pressed extra virgin olive oil and of course there are others. This is how I managed my my weight when I ate vegan for a while. When cleansing it’s really important to add good quality supplements and for this I recommend Modere Mineral Solutions. It’s the best vitamin mineral solution I’ve ever taken and has been know to cure many ailments. I also take their Aloe Vera and Endurance. I hope that helps, please get back to me if you need further help. 🙂 Sharon 


  2. Hi Sharon, you have an interesting website. I like they way you presented the different Modere products, its uses and benefits. I read about the Apricot Seed that is a cancer killer. Amazing products and you have amazing review of the products as well. I assume, these products are only available in UK or are they available in the US as well. You have provided great information in your site.


    1. Hi Rebecca, Thank you for your comment and encouragement. Modere are awesome and we won’t us anything else. At the moment we only supply for the EU market, but Modere have another site for USA. I would love to know know how you get on with their products.


  3. Wow such wisdom ! But there was just too much for little brain to absorb. Would have preferred receiving this wonderful material in smaller bite-sized pieces.
    Eat the rainbow – what a lovely way to put it ! Also like the way you talk about “the enemies.”
    Well done on a great post. Many people will learn so much by reading it.


    1. I do agree that there’s a lot to read here and have thought many times about producing bite size pieces, but I was worried people would miss the point. You can always bookmark it and return to it when you need to. I’m glad it has helped you, let me know if I can be of further help 🙂


  4. I am aware of these issues, especially the chemicals – and hormones – in our food and the temptation to eat the quick stuff, bought already prepared. Your recipe is a great inspiration for people who think cooking takes too long. Yes, it takes longer than buying ready prepared food. But we have the control over what we eat and we can do the right choices.

    I believe that the information needs to go out much wider about which food is healthy – and still can taste good, and which food only tastes good but is very unhealthy.

    Well done, Lady May!


  5. I have been trying to cut down on refined sugar myself as I believe like you said that it has no positive benefits to the body at all but can actually cause harm. It is sad that there is so much hidden sugars in the processed foods that we buy. Even a tin of mixed vegetables that I looked at yesterday had 8 g of sugar. Why???
    The recommended daily allowance for sugar in the diet is 25 g for female and about 37 g for male. This morning I had a warm chocolate beverage with my breakfast and when I checked, the beverage alone had approximately 30 g of sugar……more than my total recommended allowance for the entire day. We really have to be vigilant and take control where we can. As you said, the ability to heal ourselves is in our hands.


  6. Hi,

    This is a great post! I learned a lot from reading it.

    I did read in there that soy can trigger cancerous cells. I eat a lot of tofu and now I am a bit worried. Two people in my family have been diagnosed with leukemia, so I have been looking into foods that helps to fight again triggering cancerous cells. I have found some information, but I was wondering if you could share more about what blocks those the cells from triggering?


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