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October 26, 2017

Modere M3 Body System is the number one product your body can not live without if you are looking for excellent weight management results combined with vital nutrients to keep you healthy. This product is about managing your weight, and also creating good behaviours which means you are not constantly on the roller-coaster of gain lose, gain lose.  

This is one of Moderes hottest products and thankfully it made it into Europe September 2017. Maybe you are on your way to a healthier new you, or maybe you are considering it! 

Either way we want to make it easier for you by showing you how to live a healthy lifestyle using M3 combined with following a healthy diet and good behaviour's that promote health and good weight management.

How Modere M3 Body System Works?

M3 Body System is a simple three-part weight management system...Ignite, Sustain and Sync.

Together, these three products contain a special combination of 15 healthy and effective metabolism-supporting nutrients.

1. Ignite is a food supplement with Sinetrol® Xpur - This was developed to increase metabolism. Its key ingredients are L-carnitine l-tartrate, citrus fruit extracts (grapefruit, orange), green tea leaf extract, coffee bean extract, L-ascorbyl palmitate, guarana seed extract, olive extract and chromium enriched yeast.

The recommended dosage is two capsules twice daily with food.

2. Sustain Is a protein shake drink - This was developed to keep you full for longer. Its key ingredients are Pea Protein Isolate combined with essential vitamins and minerals.

Mix one packet with 180 to 240 ml of cold water. We use oat milk because it's our favourite.  It's low-calorie, dairy free and is delicious even in coffee or tea. It's recommended to drink Sustain mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

3. Sync Is a fibre drink - this was developed to keep your intestines healthy. Its key ingredients are Avena Sativa, Theobroma Cacoa Bean Powder, Inulin and Fructooligosaccharides (FOS).

I would highly recommend taking this with Modere's Protozymes mainly because studies prove that consuming probiotics with FOS and Inulin increase probiotic potency levels by eight times (yes 8 times!).  I open two Protozymes and mix it into my fibre drink.

Sync needs to be taken 20 minutes before a meal, once a day. Mix one scoop or 13g with one cup of water or your favourite dairy free milk.

Even More Amazing Results Following The Keto Diet

It's a known fact and research suggests that those who follow a keto diet are able to lose weight and maintain it than those consuming a low-fat high-carb diet.

A keto diet consists of protein based foods, replacing carbs for protein and replacing bad oils for good quality extra virgin first pressed olive oil. Meat, fish eggs, dairy and green veggies should be a high priority in your diet if you want to lose weight. Keeping your carbs to an absolute minimum or better still at point zero when when trying to lose weight.

My family love the keto diet.  It keeps us healthy and we feel great on it. My husband has experimented with Modere M3 System to lose weight and has experienced excellent results. 

We believe the M3 is also good for maintaining weight alongside moderate exercise and eating healthy. This type of maintenance is a lifestyle not a fad, we love it!

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Let's Make Your Diet Easier

Here are some weight loss tips to track results:

1. Decide your target and what you want to achieve, the best way to do this is keep it realistic. For example my husband wanted to loose 10lbs, but I wanted to maintain good health.

2. Track your results by keeping a diary, even using photographs if necessary. We have a pin board displaying our goals, our thoughts, changes and recording our daily progress. 

To lose weight here are a few foods to start eliminating from your diet if you want to lose weight on the keto diet:

  • Cane sugar (brown, white and molasses)
  • Sweeteners except erythritol
  • Wheat (bread, cakes, biscuits, pasta)
  • Corn
  • All flour including all gluten-free versions except coconut and almond
  • Oats
  • Dried fruit
  • Fresh fruit
  • White potatoes
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Tomatoes
  • Beetroot
  • Rice
  • Oat milk
  • Rice milk
  • Soda's
  • No fast foods
  • Sweetened chocolate

You can limit:

  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries

To maintain your health:

Fore more information on how to lose weight on the keto diet and be healthy with the right supplements, and understand how you can start shedding those pounds quickly and permanently check out my prized article How To Lose Weight On The Keto Diet Faster & To Stay Off For Good!

Is Modere M3 Body System Value For Money?

If you use it as described, then I believe it's fantastic value for money. Given the benefits I've seen, this amazing product is definitely worth its weight in gold.

Here are Modere's current bonus packages...

1. Purchase Modere M3 Body System using the SmartShip program to get a £10 saving & FREE DELIVERY every month.

2. Complete Modere's three month M3 pledge using the SmartShip program & also receive a £25 credit for the following month.

To redeem in your subsequent SmartShip all promotions are applied during check out when your order is processed. Shipping charges are waived when your SmartShip order is executed.

How To Order And Claim Your Discount

The process is very easy...

Simply click on the banner below to order, register and claim your £10 credit.

Users Experience With This Product

If you have have used Modere M3 Body System and you'd like a short testimonial to be added to this article or add your own experience of another product, then please click here. Otherwise feel free to leave your views in the comments below.

Links Disclaimer: Most of the ingredients on this page can be found in the supermarket or a health food shop. However, if you're like me and my family we order most things online; so to make it easier for you, I have included some links affiliated with various companies. You will not be charged for clicking on these links, but I will earn from qualifying purchases.

How To Live Healthy Naturally

Though we try to eat as healthy as we can our bodies need minerals to prevent disease. Because our soil, even organic soil, is extremely depleted we need an extra helping hand.

Mineral Solutions

For me, Modere Mineral Solutions is the answer to a busy lifestyle that very often results in poor nutrition.

It’s an amazing liquid supplement containing a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals and botanical extract.

In one little serving of 15ml per day, there's a  wide range of ingredients in a unique blend of 74 minerals, vitamins, macro nutrients, amino acids, anti-oxidants, essential B-vitamins, phytochemicals and fruit juices.

Oh there's more... fulvic acid, collidol silver, electrolytes; all in an ionic suspension and with its high orac value and working on a cellular level too, it make it a fab way to supplement the nutrient shortfall...Read the full article...

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