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April 22, 2017

When a friend told me about Modere Moisturising Shampoo and how awesome it was, I couldn't believe anyone could get so excited about a shampoo.  I was told with great gusto that it contains stuff like "pea peptides" and "panthenol" and "Babassu Oil" which all sounds very nice but at this point I'm still not that excited.

Shortly after, I was given a bottle to try. I'll be honest, I was so excited that it sat on my shelf for a couple of weeks before I decided to try it!

Modere Moisturising Shampoo Verdict

But, what sparked my interest was that like all Modere products, it doesn't contain parabens which have been highlighted as a suspect trigger ingredient in breast cancer. 

So one morning I decided to give it a whirl - after all I was being nagged for a verdict!

Sooooo I never thought I'd hear myself saying this, but I actually got excited about a shampoo. Because my hair is bleached and toned with a colour, I can tell what's good and what isn't.

It left my hair clean without drying it out; it even hydrated my stressed hair. It gave my hair volume and made it more styleable.

My hair actually felt really clean, nourished and smelling really fresh. I also noticed that I didn't have to wash my hair as often.

I realised that there are benefits not having to wash your hair as much too:

Modere Moisturising Shampoo
  • My colour stayed in longer
  • I used less shampoo therefore I save money

It's not only a fab shampoo, but it's free of controversial ingredients like parabens which is a big tick for me, and of course for an increasing amount of women.

It seems I'm not the only one excited about it...

I can always tell when I'm on to a good thing by the rate it magically disappears when I'm not around.   With two daughters in the household you get my drift.  Well this thing just disappeared overnight as did a lot of my other Modere products. 

What Makes This Shampoo so Good?

There are three major ingredients that make this a super shampoo

Panthenol: The great thing about panthenol is it's a major constituent of your hair already.  It penetrates the hair making it swell to give it more body, and creates a natural film of moisture increasing your hairs natural protection.

Pea Peptides: These are long chains of amino acids that form part of the pea protein and contain an amazing balance of nutrients that condition regenerate and strengthen your hair.  Peptides stop hair loss, promote hair growth and hold anti ageing properties too.

Babassu Oil: Similar to coconut, Babassu Palms produce a nut laden with a rich oil that smooths and softens, and is known to restore dry flaky or even irritated skin giving your hair a moisturising boost.  I would imagine this shampoo would be good for those suffering with Eczema or Psoriasis.  

Even My Dog Loves Modere Moisturising Shampoo 

Judging by the rate it disappeared at, everyone loved it including my dog. It made her fur look beautiful. ​

Lola my Labradoodle loves it because it makes her coat soft and shiny and there are no nasty ingredients to hurt her!

Check the picture...that's her after using it.

It makes your hair look and feel amazingly good so I think the answer to...does it work...I'd say that is a resounding YES! 

​Whether you have coloured hair like mine, or natural hair like my daughters, it left it feeling really clean, nourished and smelling fresh.

It cleans without drying your hair out, and it gives it volume making it more styleable.  

I actually noticed new hair growth around the hairline on my forehead - Bonus!

Another product that's invaluable for keeping dogs bouncing fit and healthy is Modere Mineral Solutions. I give Lola 1 tsp per day.  My review is a must read Modere Mineral Solutions – Is this the Best Kept Health Secret on the Internet?

Is It Value For Money?

Modere Moisturising Shampoo is priced at £13.86 for 350ml.  You don't need much physical product per use, so I would imagine the cost per use to be average. Due to my daughters enthusiasm it's hard to judge as I usually do, but as a rough guide I'd say it was comparable price wise with most quality shampoo but without the toxins.  

It's an amazingly good quality product at an affordable price and there's also the added bonus of no controversial or health damaging ingredients being included.  Result!

Modere offer a mega discount bonus for their Collections Range, you can buy a complete package of four at a discounted price which includes a free product. There are two package collections, each offers the Modere Shampoo and Conditioner, plus the Repairing Hair Mask and a FREE Antioxidant Hair Serum.

This is a no brainer in my opinion - talk about value for money!

Check them out...

There’s £10 off your first purchase and if you love it as much as we do and share it with a friend, you get a further £10 to spend and so does your friend.

How To Order And Claim Your Discount

The process is very easy...

Simply click on the banner below to order, register and claim your £10 credit.

Users Experience With This Product

If you have have used Modere Moisturising Shampoo and you'd like a short testimonial to be added to this article or add your own experience of another product, then please click here. Otherwise feel free to leave your views in the comments below.

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How To Live Healthy Naturally

Though we try to eat as healthy as we can our bodies need minerals to prevent disease. Because our soil, even organic soil, is extremely depleted we need an extra helping hand.

Mineral Solutions

For me, Modere Mineral Solutions is the answer to a busy lifestyle that very often results in poor nutrition.

It’s an amazing liquid supplement containing a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals and botanical extract.

In one little serving of 15ml per day, there's a  wide range of ingredients in a unique blend of 74 minerals, vitamins, macro nutrients, amino acids, anti-oxidants, essential B-vitamins, phytochemicals and fruit juices.

Oh there's more... fulvic acid, collidol silver, electrolytes; all in an ionic suspension and with its high orac value and working on a cellular level too, it make it a fab way to supplement the nutrient shortfall...Read the full article...

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  1. Hiya I’m a hairdresser and I have used everything from wella shampoo to British hair, and I have to say modere shampoo has left my hair feeling so clean and soft that I have no need to shampoo twice in the shower, I myself have to shampoo every day as my hair gets so oily and dirt but with modere it leaves my hair smooth and shiny for at least 48 hours! It also leaves no frizz! So I would highly recommend!

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