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After a short time of using Modere Shampoo and Mineral Solutions the psoriasis in my scalp has completely gone, my hair is in much better condition and my energy levels are awesome.

Yvonne Davies  
Swansea, Wales

My name is Craig, I am 10 years old, and my sister Kimberley is 8. We would like to say thank you because since my sister has been taking your products, she hasn't had to use her inhaler for her asthma anymore.  

Craig Hart Age 10
Bristol, UK                 

Our  child aged 4 years has had severe eczema since a few weeks old. We tried many options, some of which made things worse, but after using your products as a last resort, the results have been amazing.  Her skin is virtually free of eczema and he has had no bad reactions at all. 

A Brunton 

At 66 years of age, having suffered a heart attack, and angina I was reduced to moving very slowly.  Initially the products made me feel tired, but I'm so glad I persevered. Five months on, no more chest pain, increased energy and the blood pressure of a teenager (doctors words).  My GP was amazed and said, "Whatever it is you're doing just keep doing it". Thank you for introducing me to these marvelous products"

Norman Bebbington 
Suffolk, UK

I've had pain and pins and needles in my arm and shoulder for many years, the pain being so severe at times I couldn't drive.  I am delighted to say that the pain is greatly reduced, no more pins and needles, and I'm getting a good nights sleep at last!  I can't thank you enough!

Debbie Morgan 
Cardiff, Wales

This Mineral Solutions is just something I can't live without now. I wished I'd known about it years ago. It took a week or so to start feeling the benefits because I was so ill with ME and Fibromyalgia. It has reduced the pain levels and now I can walk for a mile unaided.

Susan Minster 
New York, USA

Hi Sharon , just to tell you that I gave 1 ml of Mineral Solutions during 2 weeks to my 14 years old poodle I could notice that she was not coughing as much as she used to when barking or in general !!! Since last September very often like she would drown ...the vet told me she had a bronchitis and a collapse tracheal ...So I do not know what to say but she is much better! Also, my friends dog takes it and he's much better too.

Nathalie Bazenet-Xenos

Within 30 days I had increased energy, better digestion, and a drop in cholesterol and blood pressure much to my GP's amazement!.  A simply life changing product, wouldn't be without it!

Steven Jenkins
Newport, Wales

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