by Sharon

May 21, 2017

What is the truth about cancer?  If this article touches one persons life by highlighting the choices they have to stay well and be healed, it will be the most rewarding article I have ever written. 

At the turn of the twentieth century, medicine was a very broad church with diverse teaching on many variants of natural, herbal and conventional medicine.  At this point, the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations poured millions of dollars into medical universities in a bid to reform medical education and establish "one way".

They engineered the curriculum for medicinal training through huge grants and donations but both Rockefeller and Carnegie had a vested interest; they manufactured patent medicines, and by showering millions of dollars on colleges teaching drug intensive medicine, created their own self serving monopoly that is still with us today. 

Natural medical schools, even though teaching highly effective treatments in many ways superior to patent drugs, were being ridiculed as quackery and scorned by the patented petro pharmaceutical companies. 

Truth About Cancer - Prevention As A Cure

You see you can't patent a herb and make it exclusive, and this was competition to the patent drug industry. The FDA, and the AMA are not blameless in this regard.

There was good science behind many natural therapies, but as far as chemotherapy was concerned, the choice of a natural therapy for cancer was taken away from the patient, and clinics were raided and shut down.

In many parts of the world the only legally allowed medication for cancer is chemotherapy. And, it is absolutely true that the American Medical Association have been found guilty by jury in 1987 of conspiracy, so there is some truth in the prejudice displayed toward natural medicine. 

Here is the truth about cancer: in 1900 there were over 10,000 natural medical institutions. By 1929, there were 22.  

​Pharma = patent = Profit

​So it seems a handful of people birthed a deliberate decision to define disease as an opportunity for profit and build the largest investment industry in the world on that thought.

Although these giant pharmaceutical companies fail to eliminate cancer, they continue to create tremendous profits.  

Chemotherapy - How successful is it?

the truth about cancer

Just to put things into perspective regarding the truth about cancer, let's examine three very quick facts regarding one chemotherapy drug. Here is the truth about cancer:

  • Ninety seven percent of Chemotherapy patients died within 5 years. 
  • Eighty percent of cancer specialists would not prescribe chemotherapy for their own family.
  • Fifty eight percent of patients are killed by the chemotherapy and not by the cancer, usually from organ failure, bone marrow destruction, or pneumonia.

​I apologise for introducing an element of common sense here regarding the truth about cancer awareness. But why on earth would anyone inject the most powerful toxins known to man, toxins that actually cause cancer themselves into an immune system already compromised by illness?  In many cases cancer drugs are actually cancer causing agents.

Canadian Doctor Veronique Desaulruers who cured both her mother and herself of breast cancer naturally, is quoted as saying, "Tomoxifen, one of the most commonly administered breast cancer drugs is listed by the World Health Organisation as a carcenogenic agent".

One of the listed side effects of chemotherapy is leukemia.  It makes you wonder if the very treatment is inducing even further incidences of the disease.  

​What causes cancer?

There is a huge amount of misleading information on what actually triggers cancer. Contrary to popular belief, only 5% of cancers are genetic, and the awesome news is that protective genes can be turned on and off by our diet so we had better know what to eat.  

18% are caused by viral, fungal or parasitic infection, 23% by obesity and a whopping 41% by environmental factors including exposure to toxins, so around 70% of the causes of cancer are controllable, and preventable. 

We can control 70% of the causes of cancer

Diet and lifestyle - What to avoid: ​Our diet is critical in the prevention of cancer and many other conditions, and there's a wealth of information out there on this subject but let's focus on some really critical diet decisions and lifestyle choices that can make a difference in preventing and possibly curing cancer.  

Sugar and glutanates: It is estimated that the average person in the UK consumes 24lb of sugar every year.  

Apart from obesity and the impact on dental health, refined sugar and glutanates are the two main fuels for the birth and growth of cancer cells, and both are used heavily in the production of processed foods, so the first step is to eliminate sugar and chemical laden processed foods from your diet.

The average European consumes around nine pounds of chemicals through processed foods every year.  

If you prepare and cook your own food you know exactly what's in it.  Three simple spices in your kitchen cupboard means you have an endless supply of curry rather than buying a processed sauce of the shelf.  Save money, great taste, and no chemicals.  

Wheat bread: Sadly, a loaf of bread brown white or any other shade made with wheat flour these days is a shadow of what it once was. Bread today is pretty much a loaf of empty calories and carbohydrates void of any real nutritional value.

Wheat flour is now so heavily milled, refined and bleached that it is largely stripped of nutrient content. All this processing turns nutritious wheat grain into a starch, a simple sugar. Synthetic vitamins and minerals are added back in post processing but they are incredibly difficult for the body to absorb in synthetic form.

The same is true of the synthetic form of folate, - folic acid. It is metabolized by going straight to the liver and not the small intestine as is folate. This means it ends up in the blood stream non-metabolized which causes cancer causing neoplasms.

Once upon a time bread was nutritious and beneficial, but now commercially processed bread has become more or less toxic to the body. It’s no coincidence that chronic diseases went off the charts with the introduction of processed wheat flour.

Cow's milk: A recent study carried out at Harvard University has shown that milk from factory dairy farms is linked to causing hormone dependent cancers. Cows milk contains high levels of estrogen compound estrone sulfate which is linked to testicular and breast cancer.

In addition, the western dairy dependent diet has shown to actually weaken bone compared to its Asian counterpart. Europeans are far more likely to experience fractures than our Asian brothers and sisters despite consuming massive amounts of dairy foods in comparison. 

Soy foods: Soy foods have a lot of isoflavones, - estrogen-like compounds found in plants. Soy raises the concern that estrogen can trigger breast cancers.

Research at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Weill Cornell Medical College suggests that women including soy in their diet risk turning on genes that can trigger the birth of cancer cells.  The good news is that we have foods that switch these genes off too. 

Control your environment: It's estimated that the average woman is exposed to around 200 toxins a day through toothpaste, shampoo creams and cosmetics.

That doesn't take into account laundry product, air freshener and cleaning products.  Our home can be one of the most toxic environments there is. 

Many of these ingredients are controversial. Most were passed as safe in the 1930's, and they are used because they are allowed to be and they are cheap.

The personal care industry is pretty much self policing and although considered safe in low dosages, no research has ever been carried out as to the effects of long term exposure of these chemicals over time​.

The worrying thing is that babies are now born with these chemicals in their system from Mum's use of these innocent every day products.  

There are certain ingredients that are on my "do not touch with a barge pole" list and these include Parabens with possible links to breast cancer, phthalates linked to liver and kidney problems, and PEG's and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate which may be contaminated by 1-4dioxane a banned and recognised cancer causing agent.  

These ingredients potentially put a toxic load on the immune system, and there is no need to have them in your home.  There are safer alternatives that can take this toxic pressure off your body and make your home a more human friendly environment. 

Don't take my word for it check this article out: Dirty Dozen Checklist – What Ingredients are in Baby & Personal Care Products?

Effective prevention and self healing

​Mineral rich diet protection: Organic fresh fruit and vegetables particularly mulberries, blueberries, kiwi, cherries, avacado, figs, blood oranges, grapefruit, and broccoli stems, are always recommended for the phytonutrient complexes and fiber they contain, but don't be fooled.

Twice Nobel Prize Winner Professor Linus Pauling stated that every disease and illness known to man can be traced back to a mineral deficiency.

Minerals are the foundational building blocks of life, and vital to health, and selenium is a key mineral that scavenges nasty free radicals, and affords us great protection.

But, unless you grow your own, the mineral nutrient content of fruit and vegetables has plummeted over the last 60 years and can't be depended on to deliver the cancer preventing minerals like selenium, chromium and silicon we need, so its highly recommended to include a readily bioavailable mineral supplement and a good supplementation regime that includes a broad spread of these life saving minerals bioflavanoids and antioxidants.

Related article:Modere Mineral Solutions – Is this the Best Kept Health Secret on the Internet?

Turmeric: Medicine is amazing. When it comes to ground breaking surgery the skill of many surgeons is nothing short of miraculous, but when it comes to the everyday problems that we all face, doctors sometimes struggle to give us healing or even relief from the common conditions that everyone experiences in their family like eczema, asthma, [Read More] Turmeric Powder A Humble Little Spice That Packs A Big Punch

Apricot kernels: How did we come across apricot seed kernels? Dr Ernest Krebs a biochemist fascinated by the lifestyle of the ancient Hunzas, a remote people of Northern Pakistan discovered that they enjoyed near-perfect health, and lived long lives without obesity, heart disease, or cancer.

What was their secret? It was believed their large amounts of apricot kernels [Read More] Apricot Seed Kernels for Cancer Cells- The Flawed Logic Truth or Fiction?

Frankincense essential oil: Frankincense essentia oil has been used for thousands of years to ease disease-causing inflammation, strengthen the immune system, and prevent dangerous infections.

Many people remain unaware of the added cancer-fighting potential of this precious oil, which researchers from the University of Leicester in the UK (among others), have confirmed through rigorous scientific testing [Read More] Frankincense Essential Oil – The Little Bottle of Miracles

Green tea: Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks available, it offers huge amounts of antioxidants and nutients, is loaded with polyphenols such as flavonoids and catechins. It's known to have the power to heal the body from inside out, and is known to aid the skin if used topically.

Green tea is a drink made from the dried leaves of the Asian plant Camellia sinensis. Though thought to have originated from China, it is mostly drunk widely across Asia where the rates of many cancers are much lower than the west. [Read More] Getting to Grips With the Powerful & Healthy Benefits of Green Tea

Detox, parasites and a healthy gut flora: ​It is estimated that at least 20% of cancer patients have some form of parasitic infection such as virus's amoeba, yeast, fungi or microbes directly causing the cancer.  

Normally your good intestinal flora will feed off these parasites, but if it is compromised by prescribed antibiotics, or antibiotics in foods, steroids, cortisone, chemotherapy drugs, or stress not only is your immune system effectiveness reduced, but you cannot fight off the parasitic infection.  

The routine to detox is starve, kill replenish...

Removing the foods I mentioned earlier will starve parasites of their fuel, and give your gut flora a chance to recover.  

Sweet wormwood, garlic, black walnut, cloves and fennel are amazing parasite killers, and there are some very effective supplement blends that work amazingly.

Finally replenish your gut flora with a quality probiotic supplement, and also fermented foods such as sauerkraut which is absolutely saturated in vitamin C and apple cider vinegar.  These simple foods are amazing for restoring gut flora.  

Remember, your gut makes up 85% of your immune system, and a healthy immune system means greater protection.  It's worth investing in.

Set your immune system free

The bottom line is that for the many cancer sufferers chemotherapy is the only option we are conditioned to accept, so does our attitude need to change?  Do we need to be thinking more seriously in terms of prevention and not waiting to get sick before we take action?  

One thing that my research and the research of many others before me has shown is that these natural treatments have good science behind them, and for many they work very effectively not only as a preventative measure but as a cure.

The problem is your doctor will never recommend an alternative therapy for cancer as they would lose their licence to practice medicine.  Perhaps its time to take a more open minded look at what nature can offer us. After all most drugs are molecules isolated and tweaked from plant chemicals in the first place. 

And finally, if cutting out the bad that suppresses the immune system, and adding in the good that strengthens it works for the most feared disease on the planet, what could these changes mean to other conditions like heart disease?  alzheimers? diabetes? asthma? eczema?

​I can't help but feel there is an incredible amount of needless suffering in the world, and God has put the answer right in front of our noses in the abundant healing of nature, yet perhaps we are blinded to it by the vested interest of the petro patent drug industry, and the blinkered view produced by the conditioning that reacting to the problem once it's occurred by writing a prescription is the only way to beat disease.  

As the father of medicine Hippocrates said two and a half thousand years ago  "Let medicine be thy food and food be thy medicine". Maybe the father of medicine was right all along.  ​

​Have you tried Modere Mineral Solutions – a liquid supplement containing a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts…check out my review: ​Modere Mineral Solutions – Is this the Best Kept Health Secret on the Internet?

Links Disclaimer: Most of the ingredients on this page can be found in the supermarket or a health food shop. However, if you're like me and my family we order most things online; so to make it easier for you, I have included some links affiliated with various companies. You will not be charged for clicking on these links, but I will earn from qualifying purchases.

How To Live Healthy Naturally

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My name is Sharon and this site is about taking the toxic load off our bodies with products free of nasties and using amazing nutrition that really works. The benefits have been so amazing, I just have to share the 'Live Clean' message so that you and your loved ones can benefit too!

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  1. Great research Sharon. I’ve firmly believed that the current cancer epidemic is due to the modern lifestyle, especially the foods that we take. Returning to the more natural foods like what our ancestors used to eat will surely do wonders for us.

    By the way, where does these parasites resides in our body? How does it affect our body with respect to cancer? It’s very disfiguring and also disgusting to think that our body contain such parasites in it….

    1. Hi good question, depending upon the parasite they can live anywhere in the body- the brain, the skin, the gut, the blood, the eyes, the nose etc. They can enter through the feet from walking bare foot; eyes, nose and ears from touching them, the mouth from food, and hands from touching things. We all have them, especially if you own animals. If you’re worried about parasites, I’ve found Humaworm is an excellent place to check out difference types and natural cures. I hope that helps.

  2. Awesome article!

    My sweet (and stubborn) nana is battling stage 4 metastasized breast cancer and everyone seems to want to overlook natural remedies and have yet to even bring up “environmental factors” as a cause, even though they ruled it out as being genetic. The claim “she just got it”. When we all know that it was caused by all the pollution we’ve done to the earth and our bodies by ingesting bad-for-you stuff.

    I’ve tried to get her to consider medical cannabis, but we live in Louisiana, and the only way to get medical cannabis here is a nasty little blue pill (which probably has about 1% cannabis – exaggeration, I know).

    I’ve told her about turmeric and we were going to get her some Young Living Frankincense essential oil, but I had no idea about the apricot kernels!

    How do you eat them? Do you buy them already dried or is it best to eat them right from the fruit? Thanks so much for this information!

    1. I use Apricot Kernel seeds bought from my health shop, but you can buy them from Amazon. I would advise you not to eat more than seven because you’ll do more harm than good-it’s a case of less is best. I hope that helps and thank you for your comment 🙂

  3. Hello Sharon,

    You’re site is absolutely the most informative, organized, eye appealing, and a real pleasure to read. I am especially passionate about your topics in the healthy habits we must have in order to prevent illnesses and cancer.

    Your statement about only 5% of cancer is genetic and in the end we have 70% of control and prevention. I agree with you in every sense of the word. Your page on animal cruelty is very well stated although so sad. I didn’t want to read it but people must be informed. I am an animal lover and find is so hard to think about the awful things man is doing to them.

    Your site really validated my own choices, too as I have healed myself a few times with natural remedies. You site is warm and I get the sense of trust the second I’m there reading. You certainly have succeeded in making your site real as well as yourself. I hope you continue and always be successful.


  4. Thank you so much for your informative article about the hazards that are everywhere that could cause cancer. I agree with you that prevention is most important, and I especially liked the information presented about the dietary considerations. I think it is great that you are discussing these topics, keep spreading the word.
    Take Care, Heather

  5. What a timely article to read! I just spent some time away from home with my grandma that’s in hospice care and is suffering terribly from cancer. When you see first hand what cancer can do, it makes you realize how important prevention is. I wish more people were open to using natural treatments. Thanks for the information!

  6. Sharon May, What a comprehensive article on cancer prevention. I enjoyed every word of it. I lost my father to cancer treatment about ten years ago. Modern cancer treatments put patients organs under extraordinary stress. I have never tried frankincense oil for anything, and I would love to add it to my collection. Based on this article I will definitely give it a try.

    I currently, consume a teaspoon of turmeric each day in buttermilk with a bit of ground pepper. I add the pepper and mix the turmeric with buttermilk because the fat and the pepper make the active component of turmeric more bioavailable. Besides – it tastes delicious. Perhaps you know someone who would enjoy that combination. Obviously, I don’t have a sweet tooth!

    All the best, Elizabeth

    1. I too lost my dad to cancer so I know what it’s like. You are correct that pepper increases turmeric bio-availability, it is so amazing and its health benefits are incredible, I add a tsp to oat milk. Thank you for commenting.

  7. I had no idea that the Rockefellers and the Carnegies funded medical schools. You are right in the notion that it has to have something to do with our leaning so heavily on medicine then natural cures. However, I’m curious to know where you got all your information from. It seems like a lot of research went into this post.

    1. Hi Catie, thank you for your comment, the information collated here is years of intense research. I was bent on finding the truth when my own father was diagnosed of cancer some 20 years ago, sadly it was too late for him. Our whole family share these same thoughts because my sister some years ago healed herself of cancer using natural treatment and eating a vegan diet, plus my brother-in-law was also able to shrink a tumour in his stomach. Both never had chemo and are now very well. Again thank you 🙂

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